Concorde House Business Centre
18 Margaret Street, Brighton BN2 1TS
Tel: 01273 672262

Mail collection
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Terms & Conditions

Concorde House Business Centre accepts no liability or responsibility in connection with the unlawful misuse of this service and any subscriber shall undertake not to use Concorde House Business Centre for any unlawful purpose.

Authorisation, in writing, is required if the Client wishes another person to collect mail on their behalf. The release of mail to unauthorised persons is an imprisonable offence.

Two pieces of identification (one being photo id) are required to open an account. You may attach photocopies to your completed registration form but originals must be seen in person for verification.

All subcriptions must be paid in advance. Failure to renew subscriptions within seven days from the expiry date will result in mail being returned to the Post Office marked "Gone Away". You will be invoiced before the expiry date of your subscription.

We will accept all sizes of envelope and any quantity during the subscription period. Parcels will only be accepted by prior agreement.

Mail may be collected during published Office Hours.


Whilst every care will be taken to ensure the accurate and fast dispatch of communications and/or mail, it is expressly agreed that Concorde House will accept no liability for any delay, damage or loss of items and/or business arising from this agreement.

Office hours
Monday - Friday
9.30am to 4.30pm
No lunchtime closing